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Jock Brocas

Author of Deadly Departed - The Do's, Don'ts and Dangers Of Afterlife Communication

This book has been recognized as the best paranormal and afterlife book available today. It is aimed at developing mediums, those suffering spiritual interference and as a guide for paranormal Investigators and teams. It has been supported by renowned researchers and academics.

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The mind is huge! Awareness seems like a small island in an infinitely large ocean. Oh, and the waves that wash stuff up on shore! I can remember a dream I had when I first started psychoanalysis. I am walking into the ocean. As the waves lap toward me, getting higher and closer the more I walk in, I see in these waves innumerable creatures of all sorts. The ocean is like a soup, full of ingredients. And is there a boundary between mind mind and the rest? And if I explore? When I encounter another awareness, how do I know if it is a part of me or a being other than me? And yet we'd be of the same medium--the mind. Hmm. No wonder we are advised to postpone exploring the outer reaches of the mind until we are firmly grounded in our physical lives.
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